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Michael Grenz

Date 4/7/2015

water gilding clay bole

Patricia O'Connel

Date 6/14/2017

I was so happy to discover this tutorial. Watergilding has always been a mystery to me and I have always wanted to try my hand at it. Since you sell your bole in such small quantities, I decided to take the leap. I bought some of the red bole and a small bag of rabbit skin glue and gave it a try. First of all, the bole is a beautiful smooth creamy texture and really easy to mix with the rabbit skin glue. Even on my first try, I was able to lay down an even layer of bole and burnish it with a piece of linen. Gorgeous! In my next experiment, I will try laying down some gold. I can already tell, that in one way or another this will become a part of my art making process. Thank you Sinopia

Ann Weaver

Date 6/18/2017

Thank you for dispelling the mystery behind watergilding. I've felt like these recipes were locked away in some vault at the Vatican and you have given us a simple and straightforward approach to this age old method.

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