Yellow Ochre Pigments

Ochres occur naturally all over the world as a soft rock or hard earth usually as a byproduct of iron ore cast mining. Ochres are an all natural non-toxic pigment and they are finding their way into all types of natural building projects, such as cobb construction, integral plaster finishes and chalky lime washes. In fact, we make liberal use of ochres in our Milk Paint because they create rich warm hues.

It is among the oldest pigment used by man and have been discovered in prehistoric cave paintings.

They are completely stable in all applications and completely lightfast. Ochers are the cornerstone for many decorator's and artist's palette. They are available in a variety of vibrant shades from pale cool yellows to dark rich browns giving the interior designer an endless range of rich wall treatment possibilities or painters a beautiful color for luminous glazing techniques.
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PC113NO Yellow Ochre Golden Shade
starting price: $8.00
PC105NO Fawn Ochre, Deep Cool Shade
starting price: $8.00
DCNO500 Buckskin Brown Ochre
starting price: $8.00