The origin of the Rif Blue Milk Paint Color

The origin of the Rif Blue Milk Paint Color
In 1998, I rented a car and took a trip through the Moroccan countryside in search of artistic inspiration. When I came upon the town of Chefchaouen nestled in the Rif mountains, I was mesmerized by the buildings drenched in shades of blue. From single doorways to entire structures, pale robins egg to vivid cobalt, the color pervaded the entire town and made a lasting impression on me. Now, years later, with the help of the photos from my travels, I’ve created an all natural artisanal milk paint color in honor of the Rif mountains - Rif Blue

Sinopia’s Rif blue milk paint is a light blue that recalls the color of a door that saw while in Chefchaouen. I’ve taken great care to replicate in the paint as precisely as possible the exact hue of the door. It’s a color that’s exotic but familiar, calming but still invigorating. It’s a pastel that holds up against brighter colors and looks especially brilliant against a neutral background, as seen in the above photo.

Paint is meant to inspire and encourage creativity. Rif blue is a gorgeous, rich and lush shade that’s attractive on its own. Add to that the fact that its origins trace back to a trip to the Moroccan countryside and its inherent beauty is only enhanced. I hope with this paint, I’ve created a unique, useable and ultimately essential new paint color with Rif blue that would make an easy addition to any collection.
All Natural Artisanal Milk Paint (Casein) Rif Blue
Sinopia’s milk paint is made from all organic ingredients combined with natural pigments that creates a luxurious, creamy paint perfect for almost any surface.

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