The Origin of the Italian Milk Paint Palette

You know when you go to Olive Garden and they’ve faux stuccoed the walls with this drab oatmeal color with these balconies that lead to nowhere along the walls? Thankfully, actual Italy is nothing like that and I’ve been enough times and to enough places to say that with absolute certainty. Italy is one of the most soulful, rich and dynamic countries I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. With Italy’s varied, deep and textured history in mind, I’ve created three new milk paint colors: Roman Yellow, Verona Green, Sienna Orange.

Rome, Italy
While most visitors around me were busily taking photos of themselves in front of the Coliseum in Rome, I was instead inspired by the sun bleached facades of the old apartment buildings on the cobblestone streets. These rich, natural shades are what inspired my Roman Yellow milk paint color. Not too bright, definitely not pastel and yet not dim or drab - it’s a balanced, dimensional neutral that works just as well as on its own as it does paired with another color like Verona Green.
“Lush” is the first word that comes to mind when I think back to my time wandering Verona. The pretty hills and tall trees infused the landscape with the most vivid, striking green - in some of my photos, the grass looks fake it’s so full and saturated. My Verona green paint color pays homage to that high definition color in a subtle, understated way. The Sinopia Verona Green is an easy addition to the Sinopia collection - add it to any existing palette you may have for a heady infusion of springtime.
Verona, Italy

Sienna, Italy
The piazza is one of the most important parts of Italian culture and one of my favorite places to seek inspiration. This Sienna piazza in the Tuscany region of Italy is particularly stunning when the afternoon light hits the warm oranges and browns of the buildings creating a warm glow that I used as the foundation for the Sienna Orange paint color. I spent considerable time perfecting the depth of color and rich tones to recreate exactly that real-life warmth I experienced first hand.
Roman Yellow, Verona Green and Sienna Orange are a trifecta of rich, deep paint colors that I feel really speak to the brilliant colors I so loved when I visited Italy. They’re fresh, intense hues that will add substance and texture to anything you may need to paint.

All Natural Artisanal Milk Paint (Casein) Italian Set



Marie-Helene Belanger
Date: 9/5/2015
Hello, My name is Marie-Helene and I was wondering what Sinopia pigment(s) you use to make the Sinopia Verona Green. Thank you.
Sinopia Staff
Date: 9/8/2015
The Verona Green is made from a proprietary blend of Mayan Green, Natural Earth Pigments and White.

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