Sinopia Feature Artist: Julia Lambright, October 2015

Julia Lambright, Alburquerque, NM

Sinopia is proud to introduce our October 2015 Feature Artist: Julia Lambright.
Julia Lambright was born in Russia.
Following a BFA degree with honors from University of New Mexico, she received her MFA in Painting and Drawing, embracing traditions of egg tempera. Currently she lives and works in Albuquerque.

Fleeting Duality
oil on panel
42" x 35", 2011
Poppy Dreams
oil on panel
42" x 30", 2010
Julia explains:"As far back as I can remember I have been captivated by art. I was born and raised in Russia and my artistic path began with Soviet poster boards that I designed for my school’s competitions. Years after, my attraction to fashion, allowed me to express my artistic vision practicing as a make-up artist. After immigration to United States I discovered painting, which became my passion and voice, especially for subjects that are not easily expressed verbally. Through my work, I aim to engage the viewer in the places where seeing things reveals new ways, and where ideas intersect with an individual’s consciousness."
Cryptic Sybil
oil on panel
42" x 30", 2009
Abandon's Fantasy
oil on panel
30" x 21", 2010

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