Project: Sinopia Pigments Waterbased Paint Making Supply List

While acrylic paint is one of the most popular paints, the history of waterbased paints encompasses a large variety of aqueous binders.

Before oil paint, egg tempera paint was very popular and many icons are painted with this binder. Most egg tempera painters, separate the yolk from the egg white and use that as a binder. It is surprisingly strong and will dry to a waterproof finish once the paint film has cured.

For watercolors, gum arabic is used as the binding agent. You can use the Gum Arabic solution that is available at most art supply stores. Gouache is also prepared with gum arabic, but such opacifying agents as chalk or white pigments are added to give the paint its characteristic flat covering nature.

For acrylic paints, you can simply use a matte or polymer medium as the binder. Golden Acrylics makes a base called GAC 100, which has excellent binding qualities.

But don't let history limit your creativity. If it's waterbased and sticky, you can use it as binder, from crafting glue to garlic juice: It's all fair game.