Pigment Safety Information

Sinopia Pigments selects products which are the most effective tools for professionals. All of our products should only be used by adults or minors with adult supervision. Even though some of our products are natural, we do not offer any completely non-toxic materials. All of our products need to be used with proper protection and should not be inhaled or applied onto the skin. Any powdered pigment or powdered substance needs to be handled with both protective gloves and a NIOSH N95 certified dust mask. For materials or liquids which emit fumes, further respiratory precautions should be taken. Always work in a clean environment and do not eat, smoke or drink while working with pigments or other materials. Do not use pigments if pregnant or contemplating pregnancy. None of our pigments have been certified to be used on skin as make up or body paint. Additionally, none of our pigments have been approved for use in a tattoo application.

If any of our pigments are ingested, call your local poison control center immediately.

When perscribed precautions are taken (wearing gloves and NIOSH approved dust masks), the risk of exposure to these potentially hazardous materials is greatly minimized. Further Safety Information and Material Safety Data Sheets with TSCA and CAS certifications are available upon request.

Some of our products contain hazardous materials such as Cadmium, Lead, Cobalt, Nickel, etc. All of these products are clearly marked in this catalog and carry special warning labels.

In addition the following information has been made available to us.

These warnings are helpful in evaluating the toxicity of groups of pigments:

Cadmium: All Cadmium Pigments

Cadmium is a heavy metal that can not be passed from the human body after inhalation. All cadmium pigments become highly toxic through burning, during which low soluble cadmium sulfide is turned into cadmium oxide, which can easily be absorbed into the body.

Cobalt: Cobalt Color Pigments (Blue, Green)

Harmful if inhaled or swallowed. Danger in cumulative effects.

Copper: Phthalo Blue & Green.

Harmful if inhaled or swallowed


Cumulative exposure leads to poisoning and nerve damage.

Manganese: Umber Pigments

Cumulative exposure leads to nerve damage.


Cinnabar contains mercury.