Project: Learn about the different Paint Binders

All paints utilize pigments as their colorant. What differentiates one paint from another is the base that is employed to bind the pigments. Here is a brief listing of some of the more popular binders.

Oil Paint The most common oil used in artist's colors is linseed oil. Linseed oil comes in a variety of consistencies and colors, such as: refined, stand and cold pressed. Both the refined and cold pressed versions can be used to make paint. Stand oil is not recommended for paint manufacture, but rather as an additive to paint mediums. We offer the highest grade of cold pressed linseed oil from Sweden, with highest possible clarity and binding power. An excellent oil for the manufacture of paint for long term storage.

Acrylic Paints: The acrylic paint industry devotes a great amount of time to offering a large array of acrylic polymers that either act as a binder or a modifier for acrylic paint. When making acrylic paint, choose a polymer that acts as a binder such as Golden's GAC 100. If you already have such extenders as polymer or matte medium, they can be used for the manufacture of acrylic paint as well.

Encaustic: In recent years Encaustic painting has made a huge come back. This ancient technique of mixing pigments with hot wax, which is simple in principle, but allows for infinite possibilities.

Egg Tempera: many artists have rediscovered the craft of mixing egg yolk with pigments to create luminous egg tempera paint. Choose fresh eggs from your local grocer and temper the separated egg yolk with a few drops of either vinegar, lemon juice or alcohol. Mix with pigment and discover a beautiful versatile paint that bridges the gap between water and oil based paints, in that it has the feel of watercolor, but allows for layering of colors without redissolving the previous layers.

Casein/Milk Paint: one of the most versatile and ancient paints known, is casein paint also referred to as milk paint. We offer the casein powder for preparing milk paint with our formula in the recipe section. Additionally, we have developed a casein base that can be tinted with either pigments or universal tints. See the Artisanal Milk Paint section for more information.

Other binders.....: The list of binders is extensive and by no means prescriptive. Let your imagination guide you in finding new binders or exploring such materials as shellac, varnish, wheat paste, or potato starch, all of which make great alternative paint binders