In the past few years, the owner of Sinopia, Alex Warren, has dedicated much of his time exploring and researching products that we now manufacture. While some of this research is mundane and involves creating endless test batches of Clay Bole, for example, the development of the Casein Milk Paint is a rich exploration of color.
We recently started developing our own color palette for the Artisanal Milk Paint and the process has become an exciting collaborative process. We are working with designers and exploring their "go to colors" as options to extend our range.
Additionally, Alex Warren has been looking to his past and current travels and unearthed color relics from the places he has visited, which now directly inform some of the shades that we are adding to our selection of hues.
This blog section is meant to document some of the creative processes that culminate in new colors and travels that inspire the eye of Alex Warren.

The Origin of the Lisbon Milk Paint Series

Posted by Alex Warren on 9/24/2015 to Notes from the Sinopia Test Kitchen
The Origin of the Lisbon Milk Paint Series
Portugal has always been a country that is dear to my heart. Even though I grew up in Germany, my family has close ties to Portugal, which meant many memorable summer vacations and even a year abroad in this vibrant country with a rich past.

The Origin of the Italian Milk Paint Palette

Posted by Alex Warren on 4/16/2015 to Notes from the Sinopia Test Kitchen
You know when you go to Olive Garden and they’ve faux stuccoed the walls with this drab oatmeal color with these balconies that lead to nowhere along the walls? Thankfully, actual Italy is nothing like that and I’ve been enough times and to enough places to say that with absolute certainty. Italy is one of the most soulful, rich and dynamic countries I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. With Italy’s varied, deep and textured history in mind, I’ve created three new milk paint colors: Roman Yellow, Verona Green and Sienna Orange.

The origin of the Rif Blue Milk Paint Color

Posted by Alex Warren on 3/24/2015 to Notes from the Sinopia Test Kitchen
The origin of the Rif Blue Milk Paint Color
In 1998, I rented a car and took a trip through the Moroccan countryside in search of artistic inspiration. When I came upon the town of Chefchaouen nestled in the Rif mountains, I was mesmerized by the buildings drenched in shades of blue.