Milk Paint, Bases & Casein Gesso

Casein is one of the most ancient binders that has a history stretching as far back as the Egyptian pyramids. This binder extracted from milk and also called "milk paint" forms one of the most versatile paint bases and adhesives for fine art, wall painting and carpentry. We offer casein in powder form which needs to be prepared with an alkali. For complete details on the preparation, please refer to the Casein Recipe.

Our Artisanal Milk Paint and Casein Paint Base offers a versatile eco-friendly wall painting option. The paint base is made from all natural ingredients and is offered in a palette of colors or the bases can be tinted with either dry pigments or universal tints. No more weighing out Casein Powders, mixing caustic powders out of a paper bag or being limited in the application surfaces. Casein Paint Base is ready to use directly out of the bucket and can be applied to any surface both indoors and outdoors (including metal). Clean up is easy with water and the natural oils in the paint actually conditions your brushes as you rinse them. Choose from a Palette of Artisanal Milk Paint Colors or Deep Tint Base for color glazes or a heavy pigment saturation or the Light/Pastel Base for lighter shades and a modeled chalky lime wash effect.

We offer a Casein Gesso which is a prepared Chalk Ground that is ready to use out of the jar and without any cooking or preparation. This Casein Gesso offers all of the attributes of a traditional Chalk Ground made with French Chalk and Rabbit Skin glue and offers the optimum surface for such techniques as Egg Tempera, Encaustic, Silver Point and Watercolor. Casein Gesso offers a working ground for all paint mediums including oil and acrylic paints.