Lapis Blue Gilding Clay Bole Poliment

Lapis Blue Gilding Clay Bole Poliment

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Blauer Bolus für Poliment Gold Verarbeitung. Dieser Bolus wird intern von Sinopia hergestellt und ist das Resultat Jahrelanger Forschung und Tests.


Le Bolus pour l'usage de l'or Poliment. Ce bolus est produit par Sinopia internement et il est le resultat d'années de recherches et mises á l'essay.


O Bolus para a aplicação do ouro Poliment. O Bolus é fabricado por Sinopia internamente e é o resultado de anos de investigação e de postas á prova.
Blue Clay Bole for use in water gilding techniques. Blue Bole is most commonly used under silver leaf or white gold. Use over traditional chalk gesso ground. Bole needs to be applied with a solution of rabbit skin glue. This Bole is manufactured by Sinopia. The formula was developed by working with master gilders to craft a rich creamy bole that burnishes to a beautiful highly reflective luster.

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