Genuine Gold and Silver Leaf

Genuine Gold Leaf

Sinopia Gold Leaf
When selecting Gold Leaf, it is best to gauge the type of leaf needed by the project at hand. 22 and 23 karat gold do not tarnish, so they do not need a sealer that interferes with the rich lustre of the gold. For interior, decorative and fine art projects 22 karat gold is sufficient. On exterior projects 23 karat is ideal, because when applied correctly and left unsealed a gilded surface can last for decades. For gold with a lower karat count an oil-based sealer is recommended, so that no tarnishing can commence during the varnishing process.
Gold leaf is sold in books of 25 leaves measuring 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 sq. One book of gold covers approximately 1.98 sq.ft.
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