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There is an overwhelming array of leaf available from manufacturers from all over the world. While there are many economical options, the quality of leaf is often substandard. Sinopia focuses on a simple selection of top quality gold leaf. Sinopia only offers gold from manufacturers who are dedicated to maintaining the highest of production standards. For Sinopia, no job is too small or too large. We are happy to service the needs of smaller customers such framers or iconographers and we have the capacity to accommodate larger projects such as a ballroom ceiling.

*Surface leaf: loose leaves in a small booklet of wax paper. Requires a gilding tip for handling and is required for water gilding.

*Patent leaf: leaf is attached to a wax paper backing and packaged in a small booklet of waxpaper. This type of leaf does not require a gilding tip and ideal for outdoor gilding, but can not be utilized in water gilding.

When selecting Gold Leaf, it is best to gauge the type of leaf needed by the project at hand. 22 and 23 karat gold do not tarnish, so they do not need a sealer that interferes with the rich luster of the gold.

For interior, decorative and fine art projects 22 karat gold is sufficient. On exterior projects 23 karat is ideal, because when applied correctly and left unsealed, a gilded surface can last for decades. For gold with a lower karat count an oil-based sealer is recommended, so that no tarnishing can commence during the varnishing process.

Gold leaf can be applied in two ways: with a size (adhesive) or onto a surface prepared with a chalk ground and clay bole (watergilding). For size gilding, or oil gilding, we recommend an oil based adhesive, by such manufacturers as DUX or Charbonnel.

Gold leaf is sold in books of 25 leaves measuring 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 sq. One book of gold covers approximately 1.98 sq.ft.
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