Encaustic Collage Artist: Michael Billie

Michael Billie Farmington, NM
Sinopia is proud to introduce our October 2010 Artist of the Month: Michael Billie. Michael Billie worked with metal plates to make art until a few years ago when he came across a wax painting in an art gallery. After doing a lot of research he learned about encaustics. Encaustic painting is working with refined beeswax mixed with damar resin and pigments. The wax is tricky and full of surprises. His other love is photography and he's traveled to many interesting places in the world where he's collected images, pigments and other materials. He uses a lot of the collected materials into his body of work. Most of the colored wax that he works with he makes himself. He works with both a heat gun and a blow torch depending on the effect that he's looking for. He finds it very exciting that different pigment have their own personalities and they react differently when heated. He' s done a few workshops in Santa Fe and another in Tuscon with the International Encaustic Artists Association. Michael is showing his work at the The Encaustic Art Institute in Cerrillos, NM and The FireGod Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.