Milk Paint

Sinopia has been formulating this Artisanal Milk Paint since 2010. The main objective was to develop an all natural paint base that could be used without any preparation or special consideration for application surfaces.

After years of testing and development the Sinopia Test Kitchen made a breakthrough and put together a formula that can be used directly from the container, just like any conventional paint. Additionally, the paint can be applied to any kind of surface without any special preparation. If the paint film is allowed to cure for a week without moisture, the Artisanal Milk Paint can even be used outdoors or in humid indoor venues (bathroom, kitchens, etc.). Clothes that have been soiled by the paint can be washed completely clean, if they are laundered within a day or two. Once the paint cures and sets up on the clothing, the stains become permanent.

Most importantly, the Artisanal Milk Paint does not spoil, nor does it have a shelf life. Tightly sealed containers will preserve the paint for years.

The Artisanal Milk Paint can be thinned with water and tools are cleaned with water. Since the paint contains natural oils, the Artisanal Milk Paint conditions the bristle as the water rinses the paint from the brush.

Please note: If the painting surface has been previously covered with such lime based casein paint as The Real Milk Paint, Old Fashioned Milk Paint or Miss Mustard Seed's, then this type of surface needs to be sealed or primed first. The residual caustic lime will prevent the Sinopia Milk Paint from curing.

The color palette has been developed from years of observing color trends, working with decorative painters, and by cross pollinating the worlds of artistic and decorative painting. Additionally, Sinopia's owner, Alex Warren, infuses his past travels into the color palette, with colors that were inspired by places he has visited. Visit to learn more.

Each color is unique and has a physical presence, unlike any other paint available on the market. In order to fully appreciate the paint try a 4oz. sampler, in order to experience the paint in real life. This versatile paint is designed for all types of painting projects, such as painting walls, furniture or decorative applications. All the colors are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 4oz. tester size all the way up to a 5 Gallon bucket.

Custom colors can be blended to order with a minimum quantity of 1 Gallon. Please contact Sinopia for further information.

Ingredients : Water, Casein Protein, Linseed Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Pigments, Natural Pine Resin, Olive Oil Emulsifiers, Fossilized Shells and Salts.
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