A Potting Table Painted with Payne's Grey Milk Paint

Posted by on 11/16/2015 to Sinopia Milk Paint Project Pictures
Here is a recent project that was submitted to us.

A painted furniture project, where a potting table was painted with Payne's Grey Milk Paint 

Sinopia Milk Paint Project Picture

This picture shows a vintage potting table that was painted with two coats of the Payne's Grey Milk Paint. The old wood on this table soaked up the paint beautifully and no priming was required. Even though we recommend letting the paint cure for at least a week out of the rain, this table was exposed to a rain shower on the second day and the paint stayed in tact. Ever since then the paint has been exposed to a series of rain storms and each time the breathable paint absorbs the moisture and then releases the rain water once the sun starts shining.

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