Sinopia Feature Artist: Jenny Anderson, July 2013

Jenny Anderson Milwaukee, WI

Sinopia is proud to introduce our July 2013 Feature Artist: Jenny Anderson. Jenny Anderson paints using natural minerals & pigments. Passionate about using pure pigments, her rich color palette extends into her handmade pastels, oil paints, watercolor, egg tempera and black walnut ink. For 10 years she has been exploring the color palettes achievable through the use of pure pigment. Always curious about how things are constructed, Jenny has gone directly to the source by extracting her own pigment from the minerals in the Earth. Her art is distinguished by strong colors, deft storytelling and psychological exploration. Inspired by the outdoors, she is a member of the Wisconsin Plein Air Painters association. She has received multiple awards and has exhibited widely. This summer Jenny will be teaching drawing at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, Wisconsin.

Neenah Wisconsin

Pastel on board, 12 x 19 inches

Among Sparks,
Egg tempera on board, 11 x 14 inches

Artist's Statement:
The other day I said to a fellow artist, that I thought that I would never be set in my ways, but I am.My art lives between Academy and imagination. What is conjured and what is perceived. Deconstructing my surroundings, both real and imagined I began to question. I began to make my paints from pigments. I began to study. Creating a worl
d balanced in my being. It is not a phase, it is who I am.

Oil on board, 2 x 5 feet

Boat Ride Milwaukee,
Oil on board, 20 x 27 inches

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Jenny Anderson