Sinopia Artist of the Month June 2012: Lynne Rutter

Lynne Rutter San Francisco, CA

Sinopia is proud to introduce our June 2012 Artist of the Month: Lynne Rutter.
Decorative artist Lynne Rutter is on a mission to wipe out plain white ceilings and rescue banal interiors with beauty, color, and a little bit of gold leaf here and there. Lynne studied architecture and design at the University of California at Berkeley, graduating with a degree in fine art. She furthered her training by working as a scenic artist, and by apprenticing with some of the leading decorative painters in the country, managing a large successful mural studio prior to founding her own business in 1990. She has since become well-known for her ornamental ceilings, fine art murals, and a fearless use of color.

Ornamental ceiling for the Paris Casino Hotel, Las Vegas
acrylics on muslin and plaster, with 23 karat gold leaf, 900 square feet

Lynne says of her work:

I have something of an obsession with design, and love to work site-specific, designing for the whole wall or the entire space. To have made a career of this is rewarding beyond belief.

The Triumph of Joy
casein and acrylic on canvas

La Pourvoyeuse, after Chardin
Acrylic on canvas
9 x 16 feet

Lynne explains her creative process:

Much of my inspiration comes from traveling, and from the great work of artists who came before me. I am attracted not only to the design of historic ornament but also the materials and techniques used, and have learned a great deal more about this doing restoration work. In my own work I use a lot of different media and techniques depending on the effect I want to achieve, and I have found these traditional methods not only fulfilling but also highly practical. When I started out I kept my fine art separate from my decorative work. But over time everything I did became inter-linked as part of a greater art practice. Painting gives me immense joy but also teaches me patience. Gilding is a discipline that takes incredible patience not just to learn, but to use well, and this patience I learned from oil painting. Developing color palettes for architecture is directly related to designing the color palette for a chinoiserie mural. I love work, the materials, the tools, the process. To me, it's all related. It's all about transformation and beauty.

oil on copper-gilt panel, 56" x 96"

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