Sinopia Artist of the Month, July 2010: Erica Kremenak

Erica Kremenak Oakland, CA

Sinopia is proud to introduce our July 2010 Artist of the Month: Erica Kremenak. Erica Kremenak was born in Iowa and received a BA in Fine Art from University of Iowa. She studied ceramic sculpture at San Francisco State University, and painting at San Francisco Art Institute and California College of the Arts.

Erica has shown her multi-media pieces in numerous exhibitions around the San Francisco Bay Area.

oil on canvas, 36"x72"

oil, pigments & mixed media on canvas, 30"x40"

Artist's Statement:

I make paintings on canvas and panels using oil bars and oil paint, wax, spray paint, dry pigments, brushes and rags. I often invent processes that require touching the surface with my hands. As I work, the imagery that develops often shifts back and forth between the figurative and abstraction.

As I construct surfaces that contrast repetitive, obsessive, time-consuming procedures with abrupt, accidental moments, I create a dialogue between my will and intention and that which is beyond my control, maybe even beyond my comprehension. I'm looking for something hidden in plain sight.

oil on canvas, 36"x72"

oil on canvas, 11"x11"

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Artist's Link:
Erica Kremenak's Website