Sinopia Artist of the Month, January 2013: Kimberly Zsebe

Kimberly Zsebe Los Angeles, CA

Sinopia is proud to introduce our January 2013 Artist of the Month: Kimberly Zsebe.
Kimberly Zsebe is a native Milwaukeean. She moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue her painting and love of sunshine, after attaining a BFA in painting and drawing, with a minor in art history from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She also holds a BA in philosophy from the same school and studied abroad in France and Italy. Zsebe has also pursued her love of photography and has been working therein for some time, both commercially and artistically. However, painting is still the art form closest to her heart, and remains the focus of her creativity.

St. Michael
egg tempera, mixed media on board
13.5" x 9.5", 2009

St.John I'm a Pepper
egg tempera, aluminum on board
9.5" x 14", 2012

Her work was most recently featured in a Huffington Post article and short film by Eric Minh Swenson and at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. Zsebe's work has also been shown at Barnsdale Park, La luz de Jesus, and the Loft at Liza's. All of which have displayed her most recent work in religious icons. This series was also featured in Studio Visit Magazine and Direct Art Magazine. Zsebe's Icon work combines her love of philosophical questioning and her dedication to traditional methods of painting. Fun and provocative, familiar yet fresh, these paintings lead the viewer into a dialogue that compares the sanctity of religion to our modern day consumerism.

King of Kings
egg tempera, aluminum on board
12" x 12", 2011
St. John Change the World
egg tempera, aluminum on board
12" x 15", 2012

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