Sinopia Artist of the Month, February 2011: Eileen P. Goldenberg

Eileen P. Goldenberg San Francisco, CA

Sinopia is proud to introduce our February 2011 Artist of the Month: Eileen P. Goldenberg. Eileen was born in Brooklyn NY. She has called herself an artist since the age of 5, and has a lived in San Francisco for over 35 years. She holds a BFA, MA and MFA in art.

She uses encaustic paint, (a medium made of pigments suspended in a molten mixture of beeswax and damar resin.) The luminous, translucent quality of encaustic has allowed her to develop a system of painting that is unique. Her newest works are in the Landing and the Array series.

Photo of the Artist by Cari Hernandez

She is represented by Conrad Wilde in Tucson, AZ and Hallway Gallery in Bellevue, WA. Eileen will be represented at the Aqua Art Fair in Miami, in conjunction with Miami Basel in Dec 2010 with Conrad Wilde Gallery of Tucson AZ.

In 2011, Eileen is having solo shows at Market Street Gallery in San Francisco, Ca and Hallway Gallery, Bellevue, WA.

She has also has exhibited in many group shows such as the Small Works, at 80 Washington Square East Galleries in New York, NY, 5th National Encaustic Invitational, Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, AZ, etc.

Eileen has presented at all the National Encaustic Conferences in Beverly, MA; in 2010 was on the panel discussion about artist careers. She is a past President of International Encaustic Artists and has spoken at their annual retreat.

In 2009 she curated Tangible Wax: Contemporary Works in Encaustics, Chicago, IL, as well as Working in Wax, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA. She has been on the jury for the Celebration of Craftswomen, and the prestigious American Craft Council shows.

In 2007 Eileen was awarded a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission to install a one-woman show in San Francisco.

Eileen was chosen to be Artist of the Month on the R&F Handmade Paints website for November 2009

Eileen also teaches encaustic workshops in San Francisco. Please click on the link below for her latest class schedule.

Array 108
Encaustic on Panel, 12" x 12"

Array 111
Encaustic on Panel, 24" x 24"

Artist's Statement: My paintings explores material, color and space by combining ordered, repetitive elements with visual texture and translucency, taking full advantage of encaustic's ability to tease the eye, simultaneously revealing and concealing. I paint organically, letting my emotions lead the way, literally feeling my way into each piece.

The thousands of tiny orbs seem at first to be identical, but like humans, they are in fact all distinct and individual. Look closely and you can see the razor sharp outlines that contrast with the soft blending of luminous subtle color. I meticulously add layer upon layer of molten wax, submerging feelings that will later be revealed, giving them a life of their own.

Array 124, Twilight
Encaustic on Panel, 18" x 18"

Array 84
Encaustic on Panel, 12" x 12"

all copyrighted images are displayed by written permission from the artist

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