Sinopia Artist of the Month April 2010: Joel Hoyer

Joel Hoyer San Francisco, CA

Sinopia is proud to present the April artist of the month: Joel Hoyer. Joel is a long time resident of San Francisco, but spent many years all over the United States working in many different gilding studios. As a master gilder he has created frames for such museums as the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and The Palace of Legion of Art in San Francisco, just to name a few. Furthermore his frames have graced many paintings in such prestigious addresses as Embassies in Washington DC and the White House, where he made the frame for Nancy Reagan's portrait.

While Joel is an absolute master at producing frames created in the traditional manner, it is the craftsmanship which he learned from his many years of working in gilding studios, that he uses as a starting point for his fine art pieces. Joel displays his mastery of the materials and techniques used in all styles of gilding in order to create his three dimensional landscapes and tempera paintings. Joel takes a scientific approach to studying the qualities of his media. No process, material or dimensionality is left unexplored and is employed in a highly effective manner. In every series of works, Joel sets up a constant formula and through the exploration of the shifting variables, he finely hones in on creating works that are endowed with multiple allegorical story lines.

Joel is also very generous with his knowledge. He has been an invaluable consultant to Sinopia. Furthermore he is involved in many charitable artistic endeavors and has a long resume of gallery shows all over the United States.

Faulting: Existing Impermanence No. 611092, 611091, 729092 & 729091
silver leaf, organic gesso on linen covered wood, 47" x 17" each, 2010

Blue Horizon1 No. 730071
Egg Tempera, gold leaf on gessoed wood,
14" x 11", 2007

Mandala for a New Century No. 81073
Egg Tempera, Gold Leaf on gessoed wood,
14" x 14" x 2", 2007

Archipelago No. 121102 & 121101
Moon Gold, organic gesso, Fijian Masi on wood
36" x 14" x 2" each, 2010

Winter Meditation No. 1510 & 1910
Egg Tempera, gold leaf on gessoed wood,
42" x 14" each, 2010

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