Fresco & Cement Pigments

The ancient technique of fresco painting involves the application of pigment onto a freshly plastered wall. As the plaster hardens, it bonds the pigment to the wall. Unlike a mural painting no other binder is involved. This allows the pigment to be displayed in its natural state, as in the powdered state. The lime plaster which is used in fresco is caustic and therefore will burn out certain colors. Below is a unsorted list of all of the pigments which are lime plaster proof and will withstand the chemical processes of the lime plaster setting and drying.
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DC2546 Chinese Red, vermilion DPP
starting price: $14.00
ET318 Iron Oxide, Mars Black 318
starting price: $8.00
DC1531 Phthalo Blue Primary Blue
starting price: $9.00
DC1221 Quinacridone Magenta
starting price: $14.00
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